Best of the Lower East Side: Chinese Food

There are an awful lot of Chinese restaurants within the geographical parameters of our Best of the LES survey — east of the Bowery and south of Houston Street — so which one do you go to most often?yunnan kitchen. photo by Cynthia Lamb

Bordering Chinatown has its benefits! From Vanessa’s Dumplings to Lam Zhou’s hand pulled noodles to dim sum at Wing Shoon to dinner at Mission Chinese or Yunnan Kitchen, we have quite a range of to chose from in the neighborhood.  Some people swear by Congee Village, some people say Pho Grand should be considered because, although the menu touts Vietnamese, the owners are Chinese.

We’ve included this category in our first ever “Best of the Lower East Side – Food” survey, so think about what you crave most when ordering or going to get Chinese food nearby and let us know!  Don’t worry, it’s quick, easy and fun:

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