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Sponsored Post: Estimate the Value of a Property with PropertyShark’s Comparables Tool

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Are you searching for a new home or want to invest in real estate? If you are, you must have researched properties of similar size, style, condition or age that recently sold in your target neighborhood.

Doing comparable searches can be very revealing when estimating a proper price for a property. PropertyShark offers one of the most comprehensive tools available today for NYC real estate research:  an up-to-date search tool that pulls out prices paid for recently sold homes that are similar in characteristics and location to your targeted property.

With over 10 years of experience in providing real estate professionals and homebuyers with reliable and accurate property information, PropertyShark has tailored its comparables tool to suit the demands of savvy real estate investors.

Besides a sales database that is updated on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands of property photos, the Propertyshark comparables tool provides you with a wide array of filters to help you choose the most relevant properties for your search. You can select building features (such as year built, zoning or building classes and lot size), number of bedrooms, square footage, price sold, block number, seller’s and buyer’s name, time held and much more.

To complement your search, PropertyShark also offers highly-detailed property maps of the neighborhoods and school districts, a FEMA flood zone map, air rights map, toxic sites or the NYC crime map, as well as foreclosure stats for the surrounding area. In addition, PropertyShark boasts the most accurate and comprehensive property reports for New York City detailing property ownership, title documents, property taxes and much more.

About PropertyShark: PropertyShark provides real estate professionals, investors, and home buyers with data and tools on all aspects of property search. The company covers most US states with a primary focus on the NY real estate marketplace. Please check what services and data are offered in your area.


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