Katy Perry Visits Los Feliz on Ludlow Street

Judging from the blurry photos that landed in our in-box, it looks like pop star Katy Perry made an appearance on the Lower East Side Sunday evening.

katy perry 1

katy perry 2

We’re told she dropped by Los Feliz, the restaurant and nightlife destination at 109 Ludlow St.  She was accompanied by a fairly sizable entourage, including DJ Mia Moretti and Bonnie McKee, who’s been instrumental in writing some of Perry’s biggest hits.  Perry, who had just come in to New York for a promotional tour, lives in the Los Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles, so she may have felt right at home!  The group enjoyed margaritas as well as a few small plates, including chicken tacos, ceviche and guacamole.  An onlooker reports: Perry was “dressed in a black leather tube top, black/white plaid skirt and green sweater… (The guests) listened to vinyl records and had discussion of current music trends.”   At one point, Perry exclaimed, “Oh God, you guys are SO much better than La Esquina!”

On Monday, Perry released “Roar,” the first single from her new album.  She’ll be back in New York later this month for MTV’s Video Music Awards.