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Chinatown Working Group Asks Residents to Complete Survey

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The leadership of the Chinatown Working Group, a community planning organization, asked us to help get the word out about its “resident survey.”  The survey is being coordinated by the Pratt Center/Collective Partnership in preparation for a planning and zoning study of the Chinatown/LES neighborhoods.  Click here to fill out the survey; it needs to completed by this coming Friday, August 9. You can drop completed surveys off at the offices of CAAAV, located at 46 Hester St.

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  1. Its hard to get people to participate if they have to print their own surveys, fill them out, and bring them to a specific location. This method will bring a small sample of people with the time to do this and access to printing. They might want to consider different poling techniques if they want a more representative sample

  2. The PDF isn’t even enabled as a form that you can fill out and email. You still have to print it, fill it out, scan it, then email it.

  3. Depends on what software you have. I used Adobe Acrobat to write on it and email it back.

    You could always email them and ask if you can just send your answers not on the form (like “1. location 2. streets 3. years”). Not optimal, but possible.

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