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New Neighbor: Mi Casa Es Su Casa at 140 Orchard St.

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In the middle of buzzing Orchard Street., just above Delancey, sits a new homey restaurant and lounge, Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

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The restaurant exudes a welcome feeling, with dim lights, an open kitchen and Spanish music wafting out the front door . Opened just last week, the owner Jairo Morales hopes to bring a little bit of home to the Lower East Side.

Morales, 29, from Ecuador, alongside his Puerto Rican sous chef, Sabdiel Cortes Martinez, 26, serves a unique mix of Ecuadorian, Cuban and Spanish foods at Mi Casa. “We throw in a fusion here and there and my sous chef, Sabdiel is throwing in a curve ball,” Morales said. The so-called “curveball” is the influence of different cultures, which “makes the food more extraordinary.” Most important, however, Morales hopes to serve his customers “good Latin food, done the right way.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.46.58 AM
Morales, left, with his sous chef, Martinez.

The restaurant was intended to open August of last year, but had to be delayed because of little “snags” caused by gas issues, but Morales remains optimistic. “I fought for this, and now I have it and it only goes up from here,” he said.

Mi Casa es Su Casa opens at 5 p.m. daily (lunch might come later). Some, but not all, of the items can be found here. Prices range from $5 for side dishes such as grilled asparagus and rice  to $70 for a large “platos” of  Parrillada Mixta Parta, which is a combination of different meats such as skirt steak, short rib, lamb chops, and Spanish chorizo, just to name a few. The chef and sous chef also recommend a few “hot items” such as Tostones rellenos, which are stuffed plantain cups made-to-order and Pollo a la Brassa Mi Casa Es Su Casa, which is rotsserie chicken served with rice and beans, grilled chorizo, encebollado, and fries or salad.  There is also a small wine and beer menu for now, but a full liquor license is in Morales’ plans.


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  1. It would be interesting to know if this is their first restaurant or where they worked before. Good luck to them.

  2. Jairo is my friend and brother since we were little and I know his food is exellent.. So if u thinking of eating a good spanish food, u should try “Mi casa es su casa”…..

  3. The food is really good. I was there last night and we ordered Chorizo as an appetizer( very good portion and the price were reasonable) For entrees, we got rib eye steak and paella ( the paella have a lot flavor and the steak was really good) I highly recommend this restaurant. The staff are really friendly and we got free desert. I will def., got back to Mi casa.

  4. Thank you for the well wishes David. This is Jairo’s first restaurant. In addition to his strong Latin American kitchen affinity, Sabdiel interned at the exquisite Cafe Bouloud.

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