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A Young Hawk Checks In (Briefly) at the Hotel on Rivington

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Hawk Photo courtesy: Hotel on Rivington.
Photo courtesy: Hotel on Rivington.

Here’s a little something for your summer Friday afternoon.  We just received these photos from Volkan Eryaman over at the Hotel on Rivington, along with the following email:

Check out the awesome baby falcon who gave us a little visit yesterday for about a couple hours!  We were setting up for a corporate event on our penthouse rooftop terrace and found this little guy just hanging out.  We were worried that he might have been injured so we called every rescue center online.  We got in touch with The National Audubon Society who went into action right away!  Tod Winston from Audubon informed us “This is a young kestrel, or sparrow-hawk, a kind of falcon. It looks like a full-grown bird, so it is a bit odd that it is hanging around near people.”  A gentleman by the name of James from the NY chapter came by to take care of the situation but by the time he arrived the bird flew to the top of the water tower. This was a great relief because we could see that the bird was not injured.  James informed us that the bird was right around the age where it was time to leave the nest and that may be why it came down for a rest.  It’s not every day you see a baby falcon in NYC so I thought that would be a cool little story to tell.

falcon 2


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  1. He was hanging out at Seward Park a few weeks ago and landed on our AC unit. Chased east by a couple of very aggressive, smaller birds.

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