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Lower East Sideways

Must Read

lower east sideways by evan forsch

This month’s editorial cartoon from Evan Forsch, first published in the April issue of The Lo-Down’s print magazine.


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  1. my problem with the cartoon is: now a days what is not private in this part of the LES? Max Fish? Pink Pony? Or made private to most people because of price- The new luxury hotels and apartments? The new expensive restaurants? But my largest issue is I want to test the free membership to local artists- I know I can get one- but not sure it is for me– BUT!!! for the artist who wants to get in- let’s see if this is true.

    Let’s find out– The membership would have to be free to those who cannot afford– would have to start now- they could use SoHo House West. It is one thing to laugh and gossip about an issue– but is more important to see if it is for real– I am in the SHOW ME STAGE- I want SoHo House to prove to me what they are saying- So where are the artists who want to get a membership? Does Evan want one? If so then let’s go. And as far as some private clubs– NYC has always had
    private clubs- always- same with LES- there are private clubs right now on the LES- not all are about money- for example- some are gangster clubs- some are gambling and so on and deep underground- and certainly private- and the members do not even want you to know about them.

    So show me some artists who want to join SoHo House and
    let’s test the invitation-I am kind of at the put up or shut up kind of deal- Does Shelly Sheddy want a free membership? She certainly has paid her LES artist dues. So has Taylor Mead-

  2. First, I’m not sure I get the cartoon. Second, you may get a free membership Clayton but then there’s the house account issue. Prob. a minimum billing per mo for drinks which I’m sure are stupid expensive, so free membership may be free but also come with a price.

  3. Clayton’s love of Soho House is cringe worthy. He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into the ditch. I implore you Clayton retreat with dignity. Admitting you are wrong, is the first step toward redemption…

    “There are two kinds of artists left: those who endorse Pepsi and those who simply won’t.” ― Annie Lennox

    Clayton hawked John Varvatos and now Soho House. Pepsi next?

    “The saddest thing about selling out is just how cheaply most of us do it for.” ― James Bernard Frost

    Well definitely some of us – a free membership and art show? Seriously?

    “To make a deliberate falsification for personal gain is the last, worst
    depth to which either scholar or artist can descend in work or life. ―
    Dorothy L. Sayers

    Art is not fostered in mall-like chains such as the Soho House owned by billionaires. Soho House capitalizes on insecure “creative” and non-creative people alike who are willing to buy the false (and expensive) reassurance that they are neither banal or mediocre.

    Art aside, no more liquor licenses. What part do you not understand? I say “piss off” Soho House. You should too. Don’t go out as a complete sell out?

  4. As I stated- I do not think the place is for me– I have not accepted the free membership- but what is is what is– better to test than to just bitch– something is going to be in this space- period- and Pepsi as the Pink Piny suggests is just another corporate product- no different than Coors or a Seven Eleven.

    As for selling out cheap- the sell out is over- we have to deal with what is– I am just sorry that people woke up too late- this protest against gentrification started years ago- and non of these people were there- I am like are you kidding me talking about selling out?
    Please- take a look around. I want some choice rather than none-
    The NYC art muse is gone- probably to China- all the greatness attached to NYC was connected to cheap rent- that period is over- gone- as gone as the Pink Pony-

    But if someone has a real concrete suggestion tell me what it is..

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