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Breaking: State Liquor Authority Denies 106 Rivington License

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106 Rivington Street.
106 Rivington Street.

A few moments ago the State Liquor Authority denied a full liquor license for 106 Rivington, a proposed Latin themed restaurant. SLA commissioners agreed to approve a beer and wine license if an application is submitted. The applicants indicated they would seek a beer/wine permit

A full report coming up.

UPDATED 5:20 p.m.  Both supporters and opponents showed up in force at today’s SLA hearing. The commissioners heard testimony on both sides before going into executive session and then voting.  SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen said he sympathized with the applicants, and said their contention that the neighborhood needs more Latino restaurants has merit.  He called Rivington Street west of Essex one of the most over-saturated (in terms of liquor licenses) in the whole city, “perhaps the world.”  Rosen concluded that the applicants did not make a sufficient case that the “public benefit” the restaurant would provide “trumpted the 500 foot law,” which is triggered anytime there are already three full liquor licenses close to a proposed licensed establishment.  More to come tomorrow morning…


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  1. Very good decision for the neighborhood! Who needs yet another bar that closes at 4 AM when wasted suburban frat-boys and vomiting girls wreak havoc on our streets! Find another neighborhood to ruin!

  2. If i was Jose Rodriguez i would’ve sued the dwellers,the cb3, SLA, everybody it’s unjustifiable what they did to this symbol of this community. This guy is a family man just like all the concern neighbor’s. They claim to be the dwellers of this neighborhood, really this family has been here for over 40 years in this community, and this is the way this community criticizes him? Really ? get the f**k out of here.

  3. Are you ready……. We are long game persons…….. You and Susan will make me laugh…… Guarantee Susan will not touch you now!

  4. “Susan and Diem” did not win. The community won. The NY SLA recognized that there was not any “public benefit” for a 2am liquor license on Rivington Street btw Essex & Ludlow. A Latin “Bistro” opened by Jose Rodriguez in accordance with policy for saturated areas which allows for beer and wine, closing at 12am always had the community support and still does. The initial 4am (weekends) & 2am (weekdays) “restaurant / lounge” (see original application (djs, open windows, tvs, security guards etc) and their own petition @ http://www.nyc.gov/html/mancb3/downloads/sla/2012/09/04-%20106%20Rivington%20Street.pdf), which morphed into a 2am Latin Bistro sans lounge after the vote at the CB3 Full Board vote in Oct. Please be factual. Being a “dweller” is not validated by how long you live here or if you are from here, but rather how much you care about the place you call home, and your willingness to think beyond yourself for the greater good, the community. Stop race baiting. Stop attacking people personally. I am personally grateful to #CB3, # NY Senator Squandron, and Councilwoman #Margret Chin, #NYSLA, for listening to theconcerns of the residents and standing with us.

  5. Some readers have questioned the content of some of the comments in this thread on the grounds that they appear to be threatening. After speaking with Susan Stetzer, who was the subject of these comments, we have made the decision not to remove them from the site.

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