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State Regulators Inspect Chinatown Buses

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28 Allen Street. Photos by Chris Castillo.

TLD reader Chris Castillo snapped some shots at 28 Allen Street, where state regulators were inspecting buses run by Eastern Shuttle, which runs discount service to Washington, Baltimore and other destinations.

These spot checks are relatively common, but the state Department of Transportation might very well be stepping up inspections in the aftermath of last week’s federal crackdown on the Fung Wah Bus Company.  The longtime Chinatown operator was ordered to take its fleet of 28 buses off the road after serious safety problems were found by Massachusetts regulators.  On Friday, the New York Times reported, the feds revoked the company’s license altogether because it had “stopped cooperating with inspectors and blocked access to safety records.”


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  1. Great! what about those local mini shuttle bus company that go from Flushing to Chinatown, those also need to be regulated and inspected more often. the idling motor issue is also the issue! remember after 3 minutes idling your vehicle you suppose to be fine.

  2. Lesuper is right! These minibuses speed, crash, cram in extra seats, and run during huge storms. Here is what happened 2 days ago to a Universal Bus originating from East Broadway heading Upstate. It crashed leaving one dead, 16 injured, seven seriously and the driver was going 80 mph during an icy, snowy storm in the Poconos. You generally will not hear about the crashes of these minibuses. It has been reported that this van had 22 passengers, with flimsy seats added to the 16. Take a look: http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/03/syracuse_bus_company_crash_pa.html

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