Arts Watch: New York Gypsie All-Stars Light Up the Stage at DROM

The New York Gypsy All-Stars

DROM on Avenue A and 6th street has become quite the local nightlife hot spot for Global Music. With musical tastes that run the gamut—on any given night you’ll find jazz, rock, electronic, soul & funk to hip-hop or international music—DROM programs a fresh selection of live music desperately needed in our current New York nightlife scene. DROM has also become an unofficial home for many established local bands, among them the New York Gypsy All-Stars.

If you’ve never experienced the infectious sounds and raucous shows of The New York Gypsy All-Stars, now is your chance; they are about to embark on a three-city tour of Australia. On Tuesday, the band will be taking the DROM stage to showcase their long-awaited album, Romantech. Under the leadership of the young Macedonian / Turkish clarinet virtuoso Ismail Lumanovski, the New York Gypsy All-Stars has amazed audiences with their jazz-inflected Gypsy and Turkish songs. Romantech should not disappoint.

“We cover all the Balkans melodically,” explains Lumanovski on their website, (he was classically trained and traditionally raised Macedonian), “and we cover the world rhythmically and harmonically.” They certainly do — and with such energy and abandon, and astounding chops, from swinging salsa to pulsing bhangra, the group never loses its sharp musical focus and true spirit of their Gypsy namesakes.

New York Gyspy Allstars / DROM, 85 Avenue A / Tuesday, February 19, 10:00pm / $10 (SAVE 30% on dinner when you include a Full Dinner for only $20)