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More on Cafe Petisco’s Decision to Seek Full Liquor License

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Cafe Petisco, 189 East Broadway.

The other day we noted that Cafe Petisco, the 5-year old neighborhood restaurant at 189 East Broadway, is applying for a full liquor license.  Right now customers can order beer and wine but no hard liquor.  Yesterday afternoon we spoke with Billy Choi, a manager at Petisco, who explained what the owners have in mind. The idea, he said, is not to set up a full-scale bar (the booze probably won’t event be visible) but to offer a few specialty drinks to go along with brunch and dinner offerings.

Choi said they’re envisioning a menu of five or six drinks, including a Bloody Mary during weekend brunch service.   The decision to upgrade the liquor permit, he indicated, was the result of requests from regular customers to expand beyond beer and wine.  Petisco has, of course, taken note of changes on the block; a new bar called Eastwood will soon open at 221 East Broadway, just a block away.  Choi said there’s definitely a desire to keep up with the changes and stay competitive.

The Petisco team will appear before Community Board 3’s SLA Committee next Monday night at 6:30 p.m., at the JASA building, 200 East 5th Street.


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