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Lights On for the Lower East Side

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The power is on along Delancey Street.

The power is back for much of the Lower East Side, as of a few minutes ago. We’re getting reports of streetlights along Delancey and many apartments with electricity humming. Con Edison says the area bounded by Canal Street on the south, Broadway on the west, the East River on the east and 14th Street on the north is all on the grid.

Lights came on at the Seward Park Library around 5:00pm on Friday evening.



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  1. woo hoo! the mass journey back to manhattan begins (unless you toughed it out the whole time in the city that is!)

  2. Any idea if that includes Seward Park, south of Grand and north of East Broadway? I assume so, but using Canal as a boundary gets fuzzy over there.

  3. Seward does not have steam yet. They use con-ed and I recall con-ed was going to take much longer for steam. FYI. ER has it’s own steam now I do believe.

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