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Knickerbocker Village Releases Another Statement

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Here’s the latest press statement distributed by Great Link Communications regarding the ongoing efforts to restore power and heat at Knickerbocker Village:

The management of Knickerbocker Village is applying all of its resources, and doing everything within its power, to restore all utilities and other building services as quickly as humanly possible. The enormous challenges we face were described in our previous statement dated November 9.

Today we would like to share the following update on our progress:

  • Three generators were delivered over the weekend to supply temporary power.
  • Electricity has been restored to more than 50% of units (900 out of 1600 units).
  • Working with multiple teams of experts to resolve remaining electrical, heat, and hot water issues, including aggressive action to resolve persistent moisture issues that are slowing down the restoration of electricity. Our primary concern is the safety of residents at Knickerbocker Village and as such, power is being restored as cautiously and deliberately as possible.
  • Double-tracking efforts to supply heat (rebuilding boiler plant while contracting for temporary boilers).
  • Distributing blankets, water, packed meals, batteries, and flashlights from lobbies and managementoffice and delivering these items to homebound residents.
  • Delivering hot meals to homebound residents.
  • Continuing outreach to make personal contact with tenants and ensure their health and safety.
  • Coordinating efforts with government agencies, elected officials, and non-profits.
  • Providing daily updates in lobbies, security stations and holding in-person status update meeting in the community room.


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  1. The management team of this complex should be ashamed of itself. From what I have seen, it’s mostly been local non-profits, politicians, FEMA, and Red Cross that have been doing the actual dirty work.

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