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Community Board 3 Rejects Full Liquor License for Restaurant at 106 Rivington Street

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106 Rivington Street.

Last night, Community Board 3 rejected a controversial proposal for a full liquor license at 106 Rivington Street, a location destined to be a large Latin-themed restaurant.  In a 16-17 vote (there were two abstentions which counted as “no” votes), the board decided to recommend to the State Liquor Authority that the application be disapproved. In a followup vote, CB3 approved a beer and wine license and reduced operating hours (midnight closing time) for the multi-level restaurant across from the Hotel on Rivington.

Both supporters and opponents came out in force to testify last night.  Foes of the proposal said Rivington Street has become intolerable on weekend evenings due to an overabundance of nightlife establishments — and the new restaurant would only add to the chaotic scene. Backers argued that the owners, longtime local residents and business owners, had earned the trust of the neighborhood and deserved a chance to prove they could run a responsible venue.

Earlier, this month, in another close vote, CB33’s liquor licensing committee voted to approve the full bar application, after the owners agreed to reduced hours and made other concessions.  The decision is now up to the State Liquor Authority.

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  1. I think the community board did the responsible thing in voting against giving 106 Rivington full liquor license.Since they are presenting themselves as a “restaurant”,a beer and wine license is all they need.Kudos to CB3!

  2. I think the CB3 upheld the guidelines of a resolution zone, and thereby protected the residents. Let 106 Rivington show that you can be a viable, successful restaurant without resorting to booze!

  3. Kudos to CB3 for keeping the 106 Rivington license within the guidelines of the resolution zone. LES Dwellers has united the neighbors in the resolution zone and hopefully we will soon have a more livable community. It’s been a hard 10+ years for us that live here.

  4. @emily…”it’s been a hard 10+ years for us that live here”…awww I couldn’t agree or sympathize with you any more. It must be real hard to “SLEEP” but Emily let me bring you back to the era of the 80’s in the lower east side. A time where our sleep was broken up to the screams of a mother because she just got the news that her son has been shot and is dead!, a time where we had to walk around the lines of crackheads waiting to buy drugs, a time where cabs wouldn’t dare to go past beyond south of Houston St. A time where there was no internet or social media where we could cowardly hide behind a computer or a community board such as CB3. I can go on and on here but needless to say I’m sure you’ve heard the stories. But here we are united the few who made it and stuck thru those times and stand strong as working class and professionals!,

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