James Franco’s Latest Artwork Debuts At New Museum Saturday

Actor James Franco
Artworks by James Franco

Here’s the latest twist in actor James Franco’s always evolving artistic endeavors: switchblade manufacture. According to Gothamist, Franco will be at the New Museum Saturday evening to debut a line of knives inscribed with the name of his late friend, Brad Renfro, who died from a heroine overdose in 2008.

The event is hosted by THE THING Quarterly, an arts publication that collaborated with the actor to produce the switchblades (you can purchase one of the weapons, signed by Franco, at THE THING’s website for $850 dollars a piece). The evening will also reportedly feature a screening of Brad Renfro Forever, a short film Franco created in his friend’s memory, a conversation between Franco and photographer Laurel Nakadate and an appearance from psychic Gemma Deller.

Unfortunately for fans drawn to that quirky mix, admission for the general public seems unlikely.  Gothamist reports the event is RSVP only.