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Have You Lost Your Parrot? (Updated 12:17 p.m.)

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Lower East Side resident Brett Leitner got quite a surprise this morning when he looked out the window and saw a parrot sitting on the air conditioning unit.  A neighbor helped Brett capture the parrot and it’s now sitting in a box inside his apartment, which is located near Seward Park.  If this is your bird, send us an email at  tips@thelodownny.com, and we’ll get you in touch with Brett.

UPDATE 12:17 P.M. More details now. Lower East Side resident Hariette Skideksky contacted us a short time ago. She tried to rescue the parrot yesterday after it landed on a neighbor’s balcony but it flew away.  Then this morning, Harriet was able to bring the parrot indoors after it appeared again on Brett Leitner’s air conditioner. In an email message, Hariette explained:

He is hand friendly although scared and confused so I believe he is someone’s lost pet. I have contacted numerous hospitals and wildlife organizations in the area, none of which were very helpful. The bird is presently in a ventilated box at my neighbors house but this is not an ideal situation, nor is it a permanent solution.

Any suggestions? Let us know.



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  1. Birds are long-term commitments, and many people can’t handle their care, so they “set the bird free” in a park or out their window. Most likely, no one will come forward to claim him. However, these birds cannot survive in the wild! The bird needs to go to a vet or a rescue organization and get checked out ASAP.

  2. He looks like an African Grey parrot..they are super intelligent and need interactive attention. a ventilated box is not good..he needs to be free and appreciated.

  3. I saw this on ev grieve – http://evgrieve.com/2012/06/have-you-seen-this-bird.html
    Jascha Scheele said…
    Hi guys!This is our amazon parrot. His name is Schmidty. His body is green, his head is yellow. His wings are green, with a little blue and red in it. He is big, I would say 30 cm (about 12 inches = 1 foot). He flew away on 06/ 26/ 12 at 4 pm. We went to see the parrot that was found on Grant street – unfortunately it is not our parrot. We would be happy to pay a high reward for our parrot. He belongs to our little family and we are very sad he left. Please, please call us if you find him! Our numbers are 203-804-7445 and 203-804-8454.Thanks a lot!Mandana & Jascha

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