Opening Soon: Malt & Mold at 221 East Broadway

Malt & Mold, 221 East Broadway.

In some parts of town, the arrival of a new business might not cause a stir. But on East Broadway, near Seward Park, any new venture seems to get the neighbors buzzing.  This was certainly the case on Friday, immediately after the signage went up announcing “Malt & Mold,” a new specialty grocery coming soon to 221 East Broadway.

Before the weekend, we stopped by the tiny shop (located right next to Pushcart Coffee) to talk with proprietor Kevin Heald. Malt & Mold will be a takeout destination for beer, cheese, charcuterie, pickles, fresh bread, chocolate, ice cream and other locally-sourced products.

You’ll be able to take home beer, poured from one of eight taps, in a growler. The glass bottles will be available in 16, 32 and 64 ounce versions. The focus is on small, regional producers such as Hill Farmstead Brewery in Vermont, White Birch Brewing in New Hampshire and the Bronx Brewery.  In addition to the draught beer, there will be a selection available in cans and bottles.  The cheeses will be sourced from American producers and there will be a carefully chosen selection of hard to find specialty items.

Kevin is new to the food business but understands the neighborhood dynamic very well. He’s lived in the cooperatives on Grand Street since 2004, and has watched the Lower East Side’s slow transformation.  He sees growing demand for quality food and drink but, at the same time, is very much aware people in the immediate area are not about to tolerate inflated prices. “I’m as much as a cheap bitch as anyone,” he professed.  Kevin had been waiting for several years for someone to open a shop like Malt & Mold, but it didn’t happen, so he decided to do it himself.

Not long after opening, the shop will be hosting some acoustic bands in conjunction with “Make Music New York,” the summer performance festival.  But first things first.  Malt & Mold opens this coming Sunday, May 6th. The hours will be Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Saturdays 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sundays noon-5 p.m.