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Morning Reads: More on Madison Jackson, Schools Get a Boost, The Voice’s Sex-Trafficking Scandal Heats Up

Must Read

  • Developer Michael Bolla is hoping his current project, the new condo conversion at Madison Jackson, will aid in “a revival of the neighborhood’s historic but dwindling Jewish community” (NYT).
  • City Councilmember Margaret Chin joins the protest against sex-trafficking outside Village Voice headquarters — along with the son of Voice co-founder Norman Mailer (Capital NY).
  • Governor Cuomo and Shelly Silver agree on adding a 4% increase for school funding in this year’s state budget (which is expected to be voted into law today). Some school advocates say it won’t make up for cuts made in the last two years (Businessweek).
  • Iggy’s Bar on Ludlow makes it on to BlackBook’s list of quintessential “Dumps, Dives and Holes” (BB).
  • Ben Stiller and friends will be on East 10th Street between Avenue C and Avenue D next week, shooting the re-make of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (EV Grieve).
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  1. This eruv debate is getting quite rediculous.  It is accepted by orthodox jews in many other areas of the city, so why not on the lower east side as well.  And if I recall, there used to be one down here. Please erect a new one on the LES.  Those who oppose it can continue to observe as they usually would and should not pass judgment on others.  Last time I checked, the right to worship freely is guaranteed by the first amendment of the constitution.  At the going rate, the lack of an eruv simply means that the LES is not be as attractive to young orthodox families as are other more accomodating parts of the city.  This would be devastating to the century old jewish heritage of the lower east side.     

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