Ken’s Pick: In One Wind at Rockwood Music Hall

In One Wind

In One Wind creates pop/jazz songs that sound country, and indie rock songs that sound like cinematic scores.”

I wrote that back in August, and it’s STILL true. They have a truly unique sound in an ocean of “unique sounds.” In One Wind is a fighting vessel out of Brooklyn, agile and swift, but also strong with just a bit of danger.

A regular crew of six, they’ve been known to increase their “hands on deck” by one, two or three, and firmly at the prow is the sea-beaten figurehead, Angelo Spagnulo. I call Angelo the figurehead rather than the captain of the ship, because he is less a manager who pushes and pulls at a wheel to direct things and more like a face in the spray, cutting through the waves in whatever direction they happen to be headed in.

In One Wind

Angelo outlines songs in rough form, from inspiration to the page, and the rest of the team adds the fuel to carry them along on their journey. And what a team it is — rounded out by the lovely dual voices of Mallory Glaser and Samantha Rise, vibrant drummer Max Jaffe, a lithe Robert Lundberg on bass and Steven Lugerner showcasing his talent on a multitude of reed instruments (a.k.a. wind instruments).

A group of genuine musical heavies, the band is incredibly inventive, with rhythmic breaks and melodic turns that don’t get repeated from song to song. Their song “Tuck Me In With Bells” packs in more twists and turns than one would think possible in 2 1/2 minutes. In addition to the acrobatics, there are tunes that sweetly float along, textured by vine-like vocal harmonies found in songs like “Water’s Looking Fine.

In One Wind

It’s difficult, even impossible to stamp a particular genre on In One Wind. There are definitely times that they showcase some country leanings, but then they can come out with something that sounds downright experimental. What’s very clear is that they are not overly concerned with such categories, and they’re certainly not showing any signs of kicking-back and taking it easy anytime soon. They are doing their own thing, and doing it well. Whatever direction they’re pointed in, it’s the right one.

Sunday, March 25 // 9pm  // FREE // 196 Allen St


Splitting his time between performing and producing, contributor Ken Beasley primarily plays with his own roots/rock band, Ken Beasley & Co., as well as the power punk outfit, Missy Sport, while also curating the Underground at the Abrons music series on the Lower East Side.