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One Lower East Side CSA Disbands, While Another Goes Through Changes

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Kerry and Max Taylor,

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), in which a group purchases fresh produce from a nearby farm, is a concept that has really taken off in recent years. But last year was a rough one for two of the Lower East Side’s CSA’s. Now there are some changes in both organizations we wanted to pass along.

First of all, Kerry and Max Taylor (pictured) are the new farmers working with the Grand Street CSA. Recently they came to the city from their farm in Salem, Connecticut to discuss plans for the upcoming year and to address concerns about the quantity of produce CSA members received in the past year or two.

Max and Kerry said they are increasing the amount of land being farmed from four to 11 acres. In their view, the previous farmers (who decided to call it quits due to financial pressures) were not planting enough crops to support the CSA.  They’re also changing farming methods, introducing new nutrients into the soil. Given the increased quantity of produce expected, they’re confident more residents can be accommodated in 2012.

That’s a good thing because it has now become apparent the two-year old Lower East Side CSA (which had been distributed from the Educational Alliance) will not be coming back for a third year.  Last season, Hurricane Irene devastated their farm, Monkshood Nursery, and deliveries were abruptly canceled.

This week Jeremy Sherber, a leader of the Grand Street CSA, told us there are still spots available. Quite a few of the LES CSA members can move over to the more established organization, which distributes weekly on the steps of the Abrons Arts Center.  Click here if you’re interested in joining the Grand Street CSA.

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