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CB3 Panel Comes Down Hard on Ludlow Manor

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Photo credit: Grub Street.
As we all are very much aware by now, Luc Carl, Lady Gaga’s ex, likes to hang out with “sexy people” who “care how their hair looks.” So it probably goes without saying that he was unimpressed with Community Board 3 even before members of the liquor licensing committee read him the riot act last night.

Carl, cohort Georgie Seville and the team from “The Delancey” returned to CB3’s SLA Committee for a third time in their ill-fated quest to extend their liquor permit at the “Ludlow Manor,” the triple-decker nightlife complex they opened in October. The panel voted 3-2 to reject their bid for liquor permits on the second and third floors (they received permission for a ground floor license earlier this year). The problem: board members were rather displeased that the club had apparently been serving alcohol on the roof-top bar in spite of the fact that the State Liquor Authority has not yet acted on a permanent license.

An attorney representing Ludlow Manor said the establishment had used “special events permits” to operate since opening on Halloween. He said the business has held private events on the upper floors, which he argued is lawful. Alex Militano, the committee chair, was incredulous. “You are using a catering permit to conduct regular business. These are not private parties,” she asserted. Militano said she had read numerous stories that made it very clear the club is open to the general public. The attorney said it was possible that customers had purchased drinks at the first-floor bar and then walked upstairs. “Sometimes people go up,” he explained.

Militano also grilled the applicants for failing to mention Luc Carl’s involvement in the project during two earlier hearings. Paperwork filed with the community board only lists one name: Tomas Dyskiewicz. But referencing news reports, Miitano said there is apparently “an additional principal in the business unknown to us.”

The Ludlow Manor team addresses Community Board 3.

A November 2nd item on Page Six led off, “Luc Carl, ex of Lady Gaga, will open Ludlow Manor, a three-story Lower East Side bar later this month, with Georgie Seville.” A November 29th story in the Wall Street Journal reported that Carl co-owned Ludlow Manor. Carl, who was mostly quiet during the inquiry, spoke up to say. “The New York Post has been quoting me terribly for years.” The attorney said Carl is not an owner but a manager. If anyone is asserting Carl is a principal, he said, “it’s an erroneous statement.”

According to CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer, the Liquor Authority mistakenly approved one of Ludlow Manor’s special permits but it was her understanding they would not sign off on any more temporary licenses. The operators had come back to the community board with a more detailed security plan addressing crowd control and Delancey Street pedestrian hazards. But most board members were in no mood to consider the new proposals.

Even Ariel Palitz, a bar owner who has defended the Ludlow Manor application, seemed dismayed (although she ultimately voted against CB3’s resolution rejecting the application). “I wish there had been more transparency and honesty and clarity from the beginning so all of this didn’t seem so shady,” she said.

Militano explained, “I can’t approve you because you are already operating against the law.” Another board member, David Conn, said, “there have been multiple misrepresentations to us. You are operating outside the rules.”

Ludlow Manor’s attorney pleaded with board members. He said the operators have proven themselves as responsible business owners on the Lower East Side. Members of the team explained that there had been problems with construction. It took seven months for Con Ed to turn on the gas, which explains why the ground floor restaurant is not yet operational. The lawyer told the committee the club would put a stop to the parties on the roof until the SLA acts, but CB3 members were unmoved by this offer.

It’s now up to the State Liquor Authority to decide whether Ludlow Manor acted improperly and whether the expanded liquor license should be granted. For the operators of the Ludlow Manor, who have poured a lot of money into a high profile venue, a lot is riding on that decision.

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  1. CB3 is out of their mind. The people involved with Ludlow Manor have helped build the LES up for years, and this is how the repay them. CB3 is nothing more than a bunch of dweebs that need to stroke their own egos. Ludlow Manor is not effecting residents due to it’s location. Grow up CB3 and pay attention to the real problems, like why there needs to be police shutting down Rivington St. every night. Get over yourselves… You are directly affecting peoples lively hoods in a time of need in a bad economy. Do you know how many people an establishment like this employs? Think before you act CB3, get over yourselves… seriously!

  2. No kidding.  As an employee of Ludlow Manor, my hours will now be reduced by about 2/3rds.  No Christmas from me.  Thanks a lot, CB3.  Say hi to the Grinch for me.

  3. The Ludlow Manor built up the LES? Asshole, the LES was built up by the immigrants who struggled. As time passed,  Chinese who left China  moved into neighborhoods your ass wouldn’t go. I grew up on avenue D. I know the LES. When I see the NYU kids who moved into the neighborhood, I see the East Village. This guy wanted sexy. Invite  those from the neighboring projects. They know sexy.

  4. If it brings more jobs to the community & revamp the new & upcoming
    Delancey / Houston st , I’m all for it, Delancey needs its own
    Trendy,punk,rock,space lounge Brooklyn is making money I guess we need to
    Head out the city to enjoy life..

    Please keep me posted on next board meeting
    I’ll love to support the new Lower East Side.

  5. Maybe you should read before calling people names. I never said they built up the LES…Hey simpleton, the LES is changing wether you like it or not. It has become one of the most thriving areas in NYC.  To sit there and tell me where I would and would not go while knowing nothing about me proves your ignorance. To even compare Avenue D to where Ludlow Manor is, again… proves your ignorance. Avenue D is straight residential and a place like Ludlow Manor would have no business opening up shop in that neighborhood. It’s freaking sitting on Delancey street, one of the busiest streets in the LES. Hardly effecting the quality of life in the neighborhood. The only people who’s quality of life is effected by this decision is the large amount of employees that now have no job. CB3 is a joke. As are you…

  6. I grew up in this neighborhood and have lived on the les for over 30 years.It is the bar/club culture that ruined this neighborhood for the ordinary folks like myself.Good for cb3 for denying another bar/club a license.

  7. CB3 Taking OVER LES—(
    Call it a POWER TRIP are they even living with in
    the Community>
    Like Eat,Drink, live
    in Alphabet city.

    How did they get voted In?

  8. Its Amazing how 3 or 4 board Members
    Can destroy or even have the power to make
    or break a community,

    listen I’m all for a better NYC/LES
    But when you have a enterprise rebuilding a place to eat,Lounge
    Network it must be good for all..

    hey I would underStand
    If LudLow Manor was a underGround Drug infested
    place butFrom what I see its
    Looks Fabulousssss,

    Wish you guys at LudLow Manor lots of luck,
    Maybe I’ll see you for my birthday party

    Happy holidays (The Low Down)

    CB#3 have a Happy New Year to all & to all a good night

  9. As an employee of Ludlow Manor, perhaps you should have opened your eyes to the blatant disregard for the rules that your employer consistently champions as evidence he is ‘above the law’….go back to listening to Lady GaGa.

  10. Hey did the new hotel on Delancey get the ok
    From the cb#3 or did they just powered the way in?

    Can you find out

  11. Leave Ludlow Manor alone. The principles are great people. They are helping the neighborhood.
    I am a life long LES resident and LudlowManor will only help the neighborhood. Lady GaGa’s ex is not a principal. He is just a manager.
    Keep fighting team Ludlow Manor.

  12. Delancey Street IS in a neighborhood. There’s a low-income senior nutrition center and community garden 4 short blocks away, churches and synagogues within blocks, daycare centers down the street , a nearby AIDs hospice, two major two housing organizations, and lots of working, poor and middle class families- right here. You may only visit the neighborhood at night and think they don’t exist, but they do. And they don’t need a mega bar in the middle of their community.
    How about promoting small businesses, jobs, housing and industries that benefit this community? 
    Those of us who live here (not just coming here to party) have real concrete needs. And the more luxury bars that get liquor licenses, the more landlords have an incentive to charge luxury rates – driving out small businesses and low income residents.
    (BTW…Where was your indignation at the jobs lost due to the closing of Bialystoker nursing home?)
    Striving to make a neighborhood a B and T drinking mecca is not a business plan- except for people who come to make a profit while the neighborhood deals with the mess it makes.
    So sorry, party elsewhere.

  13. I live two blocks from Ludlow Manor with my wife and two kids. Delancey St is one of the busiest streets on the LES but it’s also highly residential, and is hardly unaffected by Ludlow Manor and the many other bars springing up nearby. On a regular basis, we’re woken in the middle of the night by carousing drunks. The Chinese and Domincan families and artists and working class people who have lived here for years are being priced out of the neighborhood. Such changes may seem inevitable, but Community Boards exist to regulate the process for the benefit and protection of everyone, not just the entrepreneurs who create this rampant gentrification.

  14. I’m not guessing I’m saying you just moved into the
    L.E.S aka Alphabet City what build LES was Jacob Riss & the Ross family
    don’t who they are Google it)

    Now for the Delancey st IT was all fish & clothing stores,
    Movie theaters Ohh & Bars if I recall people that came down to
    Delancey st was to shop eat & drink so pls let’s stop the BS

    And the landlords loved the people coming down to
    This Lil city, how else can they get new biz thats why if you look down
    Delancey st from Allen to FDR drive its all open space why
    Factors stores,even a gas stop once stood there,
    listen I can go on but the night life on Delancey is calling me

    Tell next time

  15. wha? … living here for 30 plus years darlin’ 
    This neighborhood fought to get the drugs and pimps out to make it safe for kids…not to make it safe for profiteers. Been a neighborhood all that time…maybe you were too busy with the night life thingy?

  16. So can you tell me the difference between Alphabet city
    & Lower East Side Ohhh & all the pimps did not pass 14st Ave A the drug Dealers
    Chase them back to the west side…

  17. I think the neighborhood has made much progress despite the efforts of CB3.  I’ve lived on the LES for over 40 years and strongly believe that we still have one of the worst community boards in the city.  Moreover, I don’t like being “represented” by people that are appointed. 

    IMHO, Ludlow Manor done right is an asset to the neighborhood. The establishment renovated a neglected building on a dead corner of Delancey  Street and created a tax paying establishment and jobs (with potentially more jobs to come should the restaurant be permitted to open as well). 

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