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Cross-Dressing Thieves Targeting Lower East Side Stores

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Still image from security camera video.

Police say they’re looking for two cross-dressing thieves who stole a Chanel purse and backpack from A. Turen, the high end boutique at 85 Stanton Street on Thursday afternoon.  Here’s how Channel 2 described the suspects:

The two characters, thought to be men dressed as women, include a 6-foot-2 black man in his mid-40s. He was wearing a tight-fitting orange dress and gray wig and is said to look like Jamie Foxx’s character “Wanda” in the show, “In Living Color.” The other suspect is described as a 5-9 black man in his mid-40s in a snake-skin print coat and black wig.

Police believe the pair has hit numerous stores in Manhattan. Shop owner Ashley Turen said they’re stolen items from other businesses on the Lower East Side. The custom-made accessories are worth around $3,000 each. Turen ran after the suspects when she realized what was happening, but they escaped in a champagne colored SUV.

Here’s surveillance video of the two men:

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