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Bialystoker Home Listed for Sale

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It looks like residents and employees of the Bialystoker nursing home on East Broadway were right.  In the past couple of weeks, they learned that the facility, which has served the Lower East Side for 80 years, is shutting down. During a rally yesterday, protesters expressed fears that the non-profit organization’s board is determined to turn the site into a luxury apartment complex.

Today a reader of The Lo-Down points us to the following real estate listing on the Grubb & Ellis web site, for 222-230 East Broadway:

Grubb & Ellis New York, Inc. has been engaged as exclusive agent by Bialystoker Center and Bikur Cholim, Inc. to offer for sale the fee-simple interest in 222-226 and 228-230 East Broadway, New York, NY. Situated at the corner of East Broadway and Clinton Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Property currently consists of a private park and nursing home facility that is in the process of ceasing operations. The approximately 11,886-square-foot land area on which these lie will therefore be available for development; under current zoning the site can accommodate a residential development of up to 71,554 square feet or 77,259 square feet with a community facility component. Any new development constructed on the Property will benefit from superb light and air exposure—a result of the Property’s placement along two wide streets, low-rise nature of most surrounding structures and favorable positioning of the neighboring Seward Park Cooperative. These location-based factors, in conjunction with many other complimentary conditions, make 222-230 East Broadway a highly desirable development site. Being that the nursing home is closing, it will need adequate time to completely discontinue operations. As such, the purchaser will be required to enter into an 18-month license agreement with the home until full closure occurs. While the closing period could be as short as 6 to 12 months, an 18-month allocation for closure is required.

The listing does not mention an adjacent property, 232 East Broadway, a three story office building sold by the Bialystoker home last year to a real estate firm headed by Ira Meister, the chairman of the nursing home’s board.

Yesterday, Marilyn Da Silva, Bialystoker’s administrator, said she could not comment about the nursing home’s closure. She said a press statement would by released as soon as it is approved by the state Department of Health.

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  1. Wonder what the history of that building is?  Was it built for a nursing home?  Be a shame to tear it down.

  2. The Administrator knew what was going on, but did not care enough to inform the residents or the staff. Now 150 employees have to find new jobs and over 80 residents have to find new homes. 

  3. The Administrator knew what was going on, but did not care enough to inform the residents or the staff. Now 150 employees have to find new jobs and over 80 residents have to find new homes. 

  4. YES, it was built for the sole purpose to treat the sick and infirm, they have the history on FACEBOOK search BIALYSTOKER HOME..

  5. The malfeasance, conflict of interest and self dealing of Ira Meister and the Board of Directors should not be tolerated, he and the board should be under investigation.As Linda Jones noted, A Lower East Side preservation activist and Community Board 3 member. 
    “The building is a remnant of the once vibrant Bialystoker Jewish community in the area”.

  6. The listing does not mention the adjacent property, 232 east Broadway Because Ira Meister plans on renting it out the office space 11,300 sq ft. at $23 per sq ft. Some where around those figures.

  7. Building: 232 east Broadway
    The 1970 mural is on the side of 232 East Broadway, and states: “Our strength is our heritage. Our heritage is our life”.  This mural represents major concerns of the Jewish community on the Lower East Side.     
    History of Site:
    The Bilaystoker Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, # 228-230 East Broadway, was chartered in 1864 as NY’s first landmanshaft and provides care to the elderly and the community. Buildings along East Broadway were condemned and then torn down in 1929.  Construction began on the current building at the site, which appears to have been completed in 1931. The space was then used by Floating Hospital Inc., who’s mission was to improve the health and welfare of New York City’s underserved, high-risk populations through the provision of integrated and innovative health education, health care and social services.
    The Bialystoker building has been rented out by the Educational Alliance, sponsors of HB IV New York.
     Listed Landlord:
     Bialystoker Nursing Home leased by The Educational Alliance in 2009Bialystoker Board Chairman Ira Meister Now owner of 232 East Broadway Medical building will NOW PROFIT 100% & rent to the Educational Alliance.

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