511 Grand Street, Sold for $1.36 Million

511 Grand Street is the building on the right, with a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor.

The Observer notices the recent sale of 511 Grand Street, the 1827 townhouse that became a city landmark four years ago. The new owners are artists Inka Essenhigh and Stephen Mumford. They paid $1.36 million for the historic home, a 1,836-square-foot duplex split into two floors (there’s a Chinese restaurant on the ground level).

Here’s the summary the Landmarks Preservation Commission prepared back in 2007, detailing the building’s historic significance:

Built ca. 1827-28 as an investment property by James Lent and Henry Barclay, the rowhouse at 511 Grand Street is a remarkable, rare surviving example of the Federal-style house in Manhattan. Shaped by the irregular foot print of the lot, 511 Grand Street is 291⁄2 feet wide with an extra bay on the west side. Although the façade has been altered, the building still retains significant elements of its original Federal style such as its original 21⁄2-story height, peaked roof, pedimented dormers and brick chimney and side entrance. Located on Grand Street, a busy thoroughfare, a succession of tenants since the 1840s has used 511 Grand Street as home and place of business. The survival of 511 Grand Street and its neighbor 513 Grand Street in an area heavily altered in the nineteenth century to accommodate the increasing population of the Lower East Side and in the twentieth century by urban renewal is significant to the understanding of the development of the area.