NYPD Closes “Welcome to the Johnsons”

As we tweeted in the wee hours this morning, another bar has been shuttered by the 7th Precinct. This time, it’s Welcome to the Johnsons at 123 Rivington Street.  Last night, the NYPD and city attorneys showed up with a temporary restraining order, forcing the ironic 70’s theme bar to close its doors.  On Tuesday, owner Frannie Marchese will be called in to State Supreme Court to answer allegations that Welcome to the Johnsons serves alcohol to minors and has failed to hire licensed security guards.

The underage violations detailed in court documents happened last December and in January, but the court didn’t authorize the temporary closure until Wednesday. Many Lower East Side bars have, of course, faced a similar fate in recent months. If the pattern holds, Welcome to the Johnsons will be allowed to reopen in about a week, after promising to beef up security and screening procedures.

Marchese owns two other LES bars – “151” and “St. Jerome’s,” and operated the defunct “Sushi Uo.”