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New Bike Lane Law, East River Ferry Service, Cuomo/Silver Honeymoon

Must Read

  • The City Council passes a law requiring the DOT to explain why it is implementing specific bike lane and traffic calming measures (Post).
  • New East River ferry service will begin next spring (Streetsblog).
  • As long as Andrew Cuomo respects the Legislature, Sheldon Silver says, they’re going to get along just fine (Capital Tonight).
  • Across the river: activists sue to stop the huge redevelopment of the Domino Sugar site (Real Deal).
  • Kenny Scharf’s mural is complete (Animal).
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  1. Silly law about new bike lanes, my impression is that the department always releases information explaining the project as the law requires.

    See here for the 2010 list of projects: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/bicyclists/installsched.shtml

    And here for the PDF presentation about the Vanderbilt Ave extension (which, as a one-time frequent Vanderbilt Ave cyclist, I think is great): http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/20100518_vanderbilt_extension_slides.pdf

  2. As a frequent attendee at Community Board meetings, I’ve seen how these things go:

    The DOT makes a presentation, almost no one shows up either in support or in opposition, sometimes board members object — and ultimately the plan is implemented. THEN, after the fact the complaints begin.

    I think the main problem is this: no one has time to go to community board meetings or the desire to search the DOT’s web site. Contrast this with the backlash over bars in the neighborhood – there’s a ton of organized opposition. I don’t see this same kind of activism on the bike lane issue. Is this because it’s not that important to a large number of people?

    In any case, it’s hard to imagine the City Council law being a game changer.

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