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The Times on Shuang Wen, the Journal on LES Bar Battles, the Post on Pyro Bartender

Must Read

  • More questions for P.S. 184. The Times looks at allegations that the Shuang Wen School “tampered with the city enrollment process, mismanaged its finances and manipulated surveys on parents’ satisfaction…”  (NYT)
  • “Going into the lion’s den:” bar owners battle Community Boards 2 & 3 for the right/privilege to run nightlife establishments downtown (WSJ).
  • Pyrotechnic bartender Albert Trummer (Apotheke) is being sued by his partners (Post).
  • Piling on: first the News, now WNYC covers the battle between the Grand Street fire victims and their landlord (WNYC).
  • On the waterfront: a preview of things to come (DNA Info).
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  1. Re: “Going into the lion’s den: bar owners battle CB 2&3…”
    “They should call them communist boards instead of community boards,” said Keith Masco…” (WSJ)
    Calling people communists at the WSJ may make friends, but on the LES it just doesn’t play the same way- we never really were fans of the witch hunting done during the McCarthy era.

    Not that capitalism hasn’t been good to some folks: ” the highest earners in the United States, …($50 million annually) … increased fivefold from 2008 to 2009, even as the nation was being rocked by the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.” (NYT)

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