Reminder: Essex Street Market Open on Sunday

Back in September, you heard it here first: the Essex Street Market beginning Sunday hours! The weekend has now arrived. Beginning this Sunday, you’ll be able to visit vendors such as Batista Market, Roni-Sue Chocolates and Jeffrey’s Meats on Sundays from 10am-6pm.

As Cheese Monger Ann Sexelby noted on her blog, the city agreed to the expanded schedule “after much lobbying and petitioning.”  Two years ago, the market stayed open on Sundays during the holidays, but not many shoppers took advantage of the opportunity. For the last couple of weeks, a big banner advertising the Sunday schedule has greeted market-goers and commuters coming up from the subway station. Ann urges: “come by Sunday and show your support!”

The big question? How’s cranky ol’ Kenny Shopsin adjusting to the new order of things? Well, according to Shopsin’s revamped web site, they’ll now be open Wednesday-Sunday. Kenny has always been closed on Mondays – now he’ll be closed Tuesdays, as well. Vendors were given the option of taking Mondays off. At least one small merchant, New Boubouki (which incidentally has delicious spinach pie), plans to do just that.

As an extra bonus, there’s this from the New York City Markets Facebook Page:

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