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New Owner of “Aces & Eights” Space Wants to Meet the Neighbors

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Photo via EV Grieve.

This morning EV Grieve reports the new owner of Aces & Eights is organizing a meeting with interested neighbors next week, in advance of his appearance before Community Board 3 November 15th.

Jevan Damadian has posted a notice on the door of 34 Avenue A, inviting residents to discuss plans for the bar next Wednesday night.  In September, we had a story about the establishment’s struggles with the State Liquor Authority and other agencies. After being shuttered, the bar re-opened briefly and then abruptly closed again late last month.

Yesterday, we spoke with Damadian, who describes a truly bizarre chain of events that have forced him to make the best of a bad situation. The Lo-Down’s Jennifer Strom will have Damadian’s account later today.

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  1. One of the more disturbing trends associated with this bar was the literal BUSLOADS of young partiers from a social/sports network dropped off from their kickball fields, inner tube polo games and other “sports activities” to party hearty at this watering hole.

    It is sad to see Ave A’s plethora of bars turn into some kind of free party zone- a great place to drink, yell, crowd the sidewalks with smokers, and sometimes cause trouble, before heading back to a place where real people live, where one would think twice before behaving so badly?

    How do we reach out to organizations like these to sensitize them to the many lives lived above, around and behind the bars and cafes they send throngs of revelers to?

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