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The Pigeon Game – A Work in Progress – at Tenement Talks Tonight

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Still from The Pigeon Game - directed by Annie Heringer

Tonight’s Tenement Talk at the Tenement Museum will feature a twenty minute cut of the documentary The Pigeon Game, by Annie Heringer.  She will present her work in progress, two years in the making, about the dying breed of men and women who still race homing pigeons in New York City. Heringer, an Emmy award-winning documentarian, is still seeking finishing funds for the fascinating project. Watch the trailer after the jump. The event is being co-sponsored by City Lore. FREE // 6:30p // 108 Orchard Street.

The Pigeon Game (trailer) from Cinemasonixx on Vimeo.

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  1. i am FUMING!  LIVID!  the huge flock of pigeons (on clinton st bet stanton/rivington) are gone! GONE!!!  after inspecting the rooftop, i found 2 dead pigeons!  i heard some roudy jocks the other day – not sure if they killed them, but i hope and pray that the other guys got away!!! i HATE these ENTITLED YUPPIES!  nyc has VERY little nature – in comparison to its a mass of concrete; to kill the pigeons, would be like taking down all of the trees.  we have to hold on to what little nature we have people!

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