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More on This Evening’s Nightlife Public Meeting

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A reminder that tonight  Community Board 3 will be looking for input from both residents and bar owners about the criteria used to evaluate liquor licenses.  A similar meeting was held last month, but since so many people were in vacation mode, CB3 is looking for more feedback this evening. Here’s the email the community board sent out this morning:

We will review and evaluate changes to Community Board 3’s existing policies and procedures guiding the Board’s approvals/denials of all types of liquor licenses for establishments within the CB 3 district.
All previous “resolution areas” will be reviewed.

We want to hear from YOU!

Please fill out a Speaker form by 7P.M. Speakers will be limited to 3 minutes. Testimony can be also be submitted to info@cb3manhattan.org or submitted at meeting
–        What are your plans/visions for the area?

–        What are your concerns, problems?

–        What do you want to retain in our neighborhood?

–        Read current policies & facts: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mancb3/html/sla/sla.shtml

It would be helpful if you could address the following questions in your testimony.

–        License applications are subject to 500-foot rule (no new full licenses if 3 or more within 500 feet). New licenses should not be issued unless they provide a public benefit. Also, CB 3 does not issue new licenses in certain areas unless there is overwhelming public support and public benefit. What would you consider a public benefit to your immediate neighborhood?

–        If you are an applicant-what do you think a licensed establishment could provide that would be a public benefit? How would you approach the community to decide this?

–        If you had a choice of one kind of new  license on your block-would you prefer a) upscale restaurant? B) affordable restaurant? c) combination restaurant/bar?  (or bar with menu) c) eating/drinking with entertainment? D) bar? e)  Other?

–        Do you think the impact of a pizza place with beer is any different than pizza place without beer? Does closing hours make a difference?

–        What kind of licensed establishment causes most impact in your immediate area in terms of crowds on street, underage drinking? rowdiness?

–        Transportation:   Do you have horn honking issues. If so, taxis or private cars.? Do you know if people come to your immediate area for nightlife from a) local residents  b) public transportation or walking c) cab d) private cars.

–        For residents-what kinds of licensed establishments in the neighborhood do you visit? How far do you have to travel? What would you like to see more of or less of in your immediate area?   Do you travel out of your area to visit eating/drinking establishments? If so, what neighborhood?

The meeting begins at 6:30pm at University Settlement, Houston Street Center, 273 Bowery.

There’s also a survey you can fill out.  This document can be faxed to 212-533-3659 or scanned an emailed to: info@cb3manhattan.org. You can also bring it with you tonight. sla survey

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