Kim Katzberg’s “Penetrating the Space” at Hot! Festival

We spoke briefly with actress Kim Katzberg last April when she was debuting her show (a work-in-progress), Penetrating the Space, at Dixon Place. The piece is described as “a tragicomic send-up of a one-woman show in which a kooky bisexual performance artist and incest survivor mistakenly believes that theatricalizing her psychological fragmentation and integration in front of an audience will lead to mainstream acceptance in the acting industry and a big-time agent.” Katzberg is performing her latest version of the show tomorrow night, for one night only, as part of the Hot! Festival. I asked her how the piece has evolved over the last few months. She reported back:

After the show in April, I wanted to take Penetrating the Space to the next level and delve deeper. I wanted to get more vulnerable, create new material, deepen the story and the characters. In the newest installment of “Penetrating the Space” there are some new characters. There’s Terry, a stripper in her thirties with a mud-flapish white-trash rock and roll frosted on the edges hair-do. She dances to a smooth jazz mix as she works the late night shift at a suicide prevention hotline. She wears a velveteen tight leopard one-piece outfit and has long-ass fake nails and says she is newly sober but is high as a kite on some kind of sedatives…

Directed by John Harlacher With original animation by Maia Cruz Palileo. Tickets are $10 (advance sale), $15 (at door) // Saturday, July 31 // 9:30p // 161A Chrystie Street