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CB3’s July Agenda: 27 Liquor License Applications to Review

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Community Board 3’s July meeting agendas just showed up in the in-box. When the SLA Committee meets Thursday the 15th, 27 liquor license applications will be considered (fewer than usual). You can see the complete list on CB3’s web site.

There’s an unnamed restaurant at 121 Ludlow applying for a wine license. CULTURE/fix (9 Clinton), the gallery/store/bar turned away by CB3 in May, will try again next month. After withdrawing last month, Spitzer’s Corner returns to CB3 in July, seeking to transer its license to a business called “NYLA Cafe LLC.” Robert Boose is looking to transfer an existing license to a new, unnamed establishment at 59 Canal. “Element,” the night club at 225 East Houston, wants to transfer its license to a new place called “Residence.” Teany, the recently reopned sandwich shop on Rivington, is applying for a wine license. And a place called Berli Park wants a wine license at 61 Delancey.

More later…

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