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CB3’s May Agenda: More Clues About the Allen & Delancey Space, Eddie Huang Faces SLA Committee

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The defunct Allen & Delancey

Community Board 3 is out with their May agenda. As usual, we waste no time in turning our attention to the SLA Committee’s docket, for intel about how many hours (5? 6? 7?) we’ll be sweating it out with outraged residents and anxious bar owners. We were relieved to see there are only 33 applications listed!  You can view the complete list on CB3’s web site. Here are some of the more intriguing entries…

First off, it appears we’ll be finding ot more about the fate of 115 Allen, the home of the defunct Allen & Delancey. Recently, Eater reported that restaurant mogul Michael Bao was thinking about moving one of his 10 zillion establishments, DOB, into the space. On the agenda, the applicant for 115 Allen (referred to only as “Corp. to be formed”) is asking to transfer a full liquor license. But there’s also a second entry in the new application section, under the name “Allen & Delancey Restaurant Group LLC.”  Let’s see how quickly the food blogs get to the bottom of this one.

Xiao, Eddie Huang’s new restaurant at 198 Orchard Street is seeking a full liquor license. The guy behind Baohaus had initially wanted to call his new place Crackhaus. Just back from Taiwan, he’s blogging again, and explaining the name change:

While I was gone, the state turned down our LLC for Crackhaus, which is whatever. I thought the name was funny, but long term its probably not a good look to turn your work into a joke all the time haha.

Freemans is going back before the board to renew its license (weren’t they just there?)  It didn’t take long for a new venture to emerge at 63 Clinton, where SavorNY was located before shuttering last month. The applicant is listed only as “Corp. to be formed.”

At 9 Clinton Street, a restaurant referred to on the agenda as “Thirsty’s” is asking for a wine license. Via their Facebook Page, we learn the owners have settled on a new name, CULTUREfix. During the past few weeks, they’ve been using the page to update supporters on their progress. One entry read:

…Design process in painful but rewarding…Tomorrow we meet with our Liquor Attorney, updates to follow. Community Board is notified, locals excited, small business brings people together in a way we can really appreciate. Everyones Support has made this a reality, we couldnt do it without you…

There’s more: Les Crepes (188 Allen/full bar), Ocean Club (195 Chrystie/full bar) and Gentleman Farmer (40 Rivington/wine only).

The fun begins Monday May 17th, 630pm – the JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street (Bowery).

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