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CB3 Signals Support for “Moldy Fig” Liquor License

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A new jazz club on Stanton Street won the support of CB3 last night, in its quest for a liquor license. Representatives of the “Moldy Fig” appeared before the SLA Committee earlier this month. The community board tentatively agreed to support the application (for a wine license), pending clarification as to whether the building was zoned for commercial use. Having determined there were no zoning problems, the full board gave its approval.

The club will be open from noon to 2am (Monday-Wednesday) and noon-4am (Thursday-Sunday). Given the fact that there will be live music, the club agreed to sign “stipulations” that it would hire “security personnel as needed,” install soundproofing and serve food “during all hours of operation.”  Bowery Boogie checked out the location over the weekend.

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  1. Honestly?..It was shocking and depressing to hear that this place would be opening on our block of Stanton Street! This is one of the few ‘quiet’ blocks in the immediate area, bar and restaurant-wise.. So to learn that a jazz club will be setting up shop here..is news that is absolutely beyond our worst nightmare!!

    On one side of it’s location is an old [active] synagogue and on the other side is the building where I live. Just when things seemed to be going pretty well around here..with trees even being planted on the block??!.. word comes down of this impending catasrophe!! [We had other clubs here with live music years ago..and it was nothing short of a nightmare..with the cops being called constantly!!].. It’s so damn frustrating that we just cannot seem to catch a break!.. we take one step forward..and then a place like this opens up..and it’s 2 steps back!

    I hope it doesn’t change the ‘quality of life’ on our block..because if it does..it will not only create a big problem for those of us who live here?.. but also for the club.

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