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Obama Hasn’t Ruled Out NYC Trial, 9th Precinct Caught in Crime Stats Controversy, Ray’s Adds Saturday Delivery

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The President tells Katie Couric he has not ruled out holding the upcoming 9/11 terror trials in New York City.

Is the NYPD cooking the books? After yesterday’s Times piece on Compstats, a former police commander steps forward with his story. In a sidebar, New Yorkers say the city’s obviously a lot safer than the bad ol’ days. Among the interview subjects: Alan Kaufman of the Pickle Guys. One of the cops caught “fudging the books,” was the number two guy at the 9th Precinct.

Gotham Gazette: “Former Councilmember Alan Gerson, who lost his third term re-election bid to Margaret Chin last fall, was the first primary sponsor of more bills than any other council member in the last session. He introduced 84 pieces of legislation -– more than triple the average council member, according to council records. Only seven of his bills became law.”

Citing an opinion from the NYC Bar Association, the Times says it’s time for Shelly Silver to drop his insistence that lawyer-legislators (like himself) not be required to disclose the names of their clients.

Bard High School on Houston Street is mentioned in the Times’ story on the growing popularity of “Early College.”

Neither Nor More Less: The Day of Ray raised $1300 – and Ray is adding Saturday night delivery.

Via Bowery Boogie, So long Bunny Chow

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