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Gallery Shows Closing This Weekend

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Woodward Gallery
Blackston Gallery
Ramiken Crucible Gallery

There are a few particularly noteworthy shows to visit before they pack up and say goodbye this weekend. The first show, “Big Paper Winter,” closes tonight at Woodward Gallery (133 Eldridge). This enormous group show presents works on paper, but not just any works on paper. The plethora of artists includes giant names like Alex Katz, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy WarholWillem de Kooning, and my personal favorite, Keith Haring. This is a great opportunity to see so many modern artists staged together in one gallery.

Another show that closes on Sunday is “In the Landscape of Instinction… ” by artist Frank Webster at Blackston Gallery (29C Ludlow). While the large-scale paintings resemble cityscapes, there are also some nice pencil sketches tucked away in the back room.  The larger acrylic pieces have a very photographic feel, which may come from the beautiful sky backgrounds that depict certain, delicately-lit moments.

The last show, “Rotten Teeth” by Nicholas Brooks is closing on Sunday at Ramiken Crucible Gallery (221 E. Broadway), with a reception from 6-8PM.  This space, which just opened last September, is also the venue of the previously mentioned Art Handling OlympicsMike Egan, who runs the space with Wade McElroy, says that “The space is much less dependent on what’s been done before, showing more creative exhibitions that are wild, free, and super fun.” The Brooks show definitely flows with Egan’s idea of what the space should stand for, and the closing reception seems too good to miss.

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