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CB3 Panel Signals Approval of Freemans Expansion Plan

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A few minutes ago Freemans co-owner William Tigertt tweeted:

With a speech and courtroom shouting scene straight out of A Few Good Men, Freemans passed Community Board 3 for our second floor expansion.

That’s not the half of it. This evening was a bizarre one even for CB3’s SLA Committee. Tomorrow we’ll have details of a series of tense confrontations between CB3’s David McWater and other members of the committee.

In the meantime, a brief rundown of tonight’s winners and losers. Approved:

  • Banjo Jim’s, 700 East 9th Street
  • Cafe Mocha, 116 2nd Avenue
  • Takeout Food Corp, 188 Avenue A
  • 88 Orchard
  • The Horse Box, 218 Avenue A
  • Freemans

Rejected by the Committee:

  • Sigmund Pretzel Shop, 29 Avenue B
  • Spot, 13 St. Marks
  • St. Marks Pho, 13 St. Marks
  • 14 Avenue B
  • A & D Wine Corp, 65 2nd Avenue
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