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More Endorsements for Gerson – Continuing Campaign Finance Troubles

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City Hall News reports Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will endorse City Council member Alan Gerson Thursday.

He has also picked up the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters. Streetsblog, calling him a "safe streets foe," is incredulous. 

Finally, Gerson has  received the endorsement of Local 802, the American Federation of Musicians AFL-CIO.

Meanwhile, the city's Campaign Finance Board meets this morning to approve another round of payments to candidates. The same City Hall news article referenced above has more on Gerson's money woes (he has yet to receive any matching funds):

Gerson said that his election lawyer, Lawrence Mandelker,
had met with representatives from the CFB on Tuesday to discuss the situation.
He said the holdup was over a complaint filed by opponent Pete Gleason, who has
asserted that Gerson illegally used the taxpayer funded non-profit the United
Jewish Council of the East Side for his campaign work. Gerson said Mandelker,
however, was assured by the CFB that Gerson would be getting matching funds “if
not this week, then next week.” Gerson said the tactic by Gleason was simply meant to hold
up his campaign matching funds so there would not be adequate time to spend
them before the primary. Gerson compared Gleason’s maneuver to “red baiting”
and “McCarthyism.” Gleason, whose campaign has taken to calling the controversy
GersonGate, dismissed Gerson’s characterization. “It sounds like those were comments made by a desperate
person,” Gleason said.

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  1. This reminds me of a time when Gerson used the same tactics against Gleason in 2003. What comes around goes around. This election is even more intersting than the Mayor’s.

  2. Except I don’t remember Gleason getting endorsed by any unions, organizations, state politicians, or really any voters for that matter.

  3. Frank
    Pete Gleason was endorsed by several unions in 03 and as you know the Postal Workers Union endorsed Gleason this year because Gerson has shown little interest in preventing the Clinton Post Office from closing

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