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First Look: Heads & Tails

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When Traven and I started the Lo-Down way back in April, one of our biggest goals was to provide a forum for artists and other creative people in the neighborhood to tell us about the interesting things they’re doing. All this time Traven’s been keeping a little secret: even while she toils away on The Lo-Down, she’s been working on a creative project of her own.

For the past two years, she and our good friend Chris Frederick have been making a television pilot. I’m happy to report it’s finally done (actually as of about five minutes ago)! The pilot is called Heads & Tails. It’s an ensemble series featuring two bi-sexual characters struggling not to be “labeled” — even as many of their partners and closest friends insist on putting them in one category or another. The story is really about the messiness of love – no matter whether you’re gay, straight or somewhere in between.

We’ll be celebrating the completion of Heads and Tails tonight at the Huckleberry Bar (where a lot of the pilot was shot) in Williamsburg (588 Grand Street/Lorimer stop on the L). Cocktails at 7, a special preview screening at 8. Here’s a first look:

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