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Featured Artist Mark La Rosa

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This month's Featured Artist is photographer Mark La Rosa. We have always been big fans of his series of photographs taken along the East River.  It's hard to believe a geographic entity with such a bad reputation could elicit such beautiful and stirring images.  Mark writes:

photographs of the East River were taken near my home on the Lower East Side
mainly during the fall and winter of 2000. This work comes from a search for
unplanned beauty in everyday life, and is an appreciation of sanctuary,
abstract moments in the environment, time and change.  The monotone palette expresses a simplified relationship
with the water and ultimately accentuates the inherent beauty of places and
things that people often don’t consider beautiful –  such as the East River.

Mark La Rosa is a
photographer and artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  His work has been exhibited in the U.S.
and abroad, and published in several magazines and books, including Here is New
York, Interior Design, Time, City New York, Architecture, and others.  He studied photography at the
International Center of Photography in New York, and is currently on the
faculty of the New York School of Interior Design.

Visit our photo gallery featuring this East River series.

If you know an artist you would like us to consider for our Featured Artist series, please contact us at lodownny@gmail.com.

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