Avenue C Shooting Sparks New Concerns About Increasing Violence

The victim was shot as he left this bodega on 12th Street & Avenue C

On Sunday, we noted the local TV coverage of a shooting on Avenue C, near 12th Street. A man was struck in the chest about 5am, shortly after buying a sandwich inside this bodega. We now have a few more details. Apparently, the violence spread across the street to the Villagio pizza shop.

A bullet hole is still visible on the front door of the Villagio pizza shop, across from the bodega.

There's a bullet hole and shattered glass in the restaurant's front door. An employee confirmed that the damage was a result of the Sunday incident. According to word on the street, the shooting was a continuation of a fight that started earlier in the day. The victim was apparently a resident of the Campos Plaza Housing Project, next door to the bodega.

Unlike some other recent incidents, it doesn't appear this past weekend's violence was drug or gang-related, although some of the people involved may have been gang members. In the past several days, however, community activists, youth leaders and NYPD officials have stepped up their efforts to find a way to reduce the simmering tensions inside the neighborhood's housing projects. Earlier this week, counselors and parents from the Campos Plaza community center led a group of children, some as young as nine, over to the pizza shop to look at the aftermath of the shooting. Among their top priorities now — preventing gangs from recruiting more kids.

Police officers were stationed outside Campos Plaza this morning.

Officers from the NYPD's PSA4, which covers 23 housing projects, have met with community leaders and counselors in the past week about combating the problem. Residents believe the lack of recreational and extracurricular programs for youth have made kids even more susceptible to the lure of gangs and drugs. The New York City Housing Authority slashed the funding for its community centers. The Boys' Club shuttered its facility on Pitt and Houston Street, several years ago, saying gentrification had reduced the need for the organization's services. A second Boys' Club center on 10th Street suspended its summer programs, apparently due to budget difficulties.

In a recent interview with The Lo-Down, Damaris Reyes, the executive director of the community organization, GOLES, talked about the youth violence issue and the lack of programs for teens:

What GOLES is focused on is trying to look at
alternatives to violence by creating spaces and opportunities for young
people to do something positive and productive and be engaged in
something that's meaningful that could be recreational, that could be
summer jobs. It could be all kinds of things. We do work as part of the
POP Coalition, which is the Power of Peace. For example, on August 15th
at the Generation X Garden (4th Street between B & C) we are having
our second day of programming for the GO LES Summer Fest, which will
include open mic for young people from the community, to come share
their talent with us. It is a way to encourage them to come do some
positive things. So there is need for concern, there is activity that
is happening, there's more than meets the eye and … to
some extent, there is a lack of a focus on that age group – and
positive activities and resources that will help them, steer in another

We stopped by this past weekend to check in on the Summer Fest event, which included remarks from City Council member Rosie Mendez, who is helping sponsor the series. You can see our video from the Generation X Garden here. Mendez provided funding several months ago for security cameras at Campos Plaza. But residents say, NYCHA has not installed them, due to budget constraints.

Another City Council member, Alan Gerson, has given the Chinatown YMCA (on Houston Street & the Bowery) funding for summer programs for kids in the neighborhood. After this past week's violence, there's talk about extending those programs beyond the end of this month. Dereese Huff, president of the Campos Plaza Residents Association, is trying to organize a "stop the violence" event, to be held in the early fall.