The LES Restaurant Scene

The Daily News weighs in on DBGB: Donyelle Freeman loved the DBGB dog, found the burgers "overworked," enjoyed the pig's head terrine and gave good marks to the tuna crudo and skate au pistou.

More good press for Sorella. "On an unlovely stretch of Allen Street, the New Yorker says, the
chef Emma Hearst has opened an uncommonly lovely new restaurant."  Lila Byock, like the reviewers who preceded her, seems transfixed with the pâté de fegato, "a spongy square of duck-fat bread, topped with
chicken-liver mousse, topped with bacon, topped with a fried egg. Sweet
and musky and extraordinarily decadent, it’s like something Willy Wonka
might have dreamt up if he’d dabbled in small plates."

Grub Street says The Orchard is on the market, "no doubt (having) been a victim of these dark economic times — despite doing
solid business (and not being empty) as recently as two months ago." The monthly rent is $11,255. Meanwhile, the restaurant remains open, and there's always The Orchard's sister restaurant, Apizz, on Eldridge Street.