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Two shows of interest are opening at The New Museum today.  The first is a site-specific
installation for the museum's shaft project space, entitled The Deeper They Bury Me, The Louder My Voice Becomes by Rigo 23. It is the newest in a series of works that
take as their subject political prisoners such as Leonard Peltier,
Geronimo ji-Jaga [Elmer Pratt], Mumia Abu-Jamal [Wesley Cook], and the
Angola 3. Inspired by the words of Herman Wallace, a member of the Angola 3, it is
intended to provide a sensory experience, highlighting the confinement
of a kind of “non-space” in the museum and challenging visitors with
views that mimic those confronting over two million prisoners in the
United States, home to the world’s largest penal system.


The second is a photography exhibit by David Goldblatt entitled “Intersections Intersected”.  The son of Jewish Lithuanian parents who fled to South Africa to escape
religious persecution, Goldblatt has spent the last 50 years photographing South African society and it's many contradictions.  He will be on hand at the museum tomorrow evening for the In Conversation Series discussing his work
documenting South Africa with the New Museum Chief Curator Richard

Also opening tonight at the Jen Beckman Gallery is Summer Reading. With books and text as its theme, the exhibition features 28 different artists and over 60 photographs, prints, paintings, and works-on-paper.

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