Fire on Norfolk Street Leaves Businesses, Residents Without Power

Children’s Magical Garden Sues For Possession of Norfolk Street Parcel

CB3 Takes Up Rivington Court Controversy

“Rvington Court,” a new basketball arena built by Nike in a public school yard, has angered residents and businesses in buildings nearby.

Last month, LES residents noticed changes taking place at a public school yard on Norfolk and Stanton streets: rows of bleachers moved in, a hardwood floor sprung up on top of the asphalt and black cloth covered large sections of the yard’s chain link fence. The construction didn’t remain a mystery for long. Basketball hoops appeared, accompanied by a “swoosh” logo that announced the space’s new summer identity: Rivington Court, home to a series of promotional events run by Nike and a partner, Game Seven Marketing. Since June 27th, the court has played host to a number of exhibitions, including an ongoing “Battle of the Boroughs” tournament that pits some of the city’s finest young players against each other.

But while Rivington Court has attracted fans in droves, it’s also drawn criticism from local residents, who say the court’s creators are indifferent to the needs of the surrounding community. In response to multiple complaints, Community Board 3’s youth and education committee will discuss the issue in a meeting on September 12th, directing scrutiny at the way public school property can be utilized without the knowledge or consent of nearby residents and business owners.

Cyclist Hit By Van at Grand and Norfolk Streets

Police officers interviewed cyclist Tom Sganga after the accident; he sustained minor injuries.

Tom Sganga was riding eastbound on Grand Street around 7 p.m. this evening when, he says, a minivan pulled out of parallel parking spot right into his path.

His leg was hurt in the collision, and the frame of his electric Kysmo bike bent, but mostly, he was just fuming.

Senator Squadron Brings “Mobile Office” to Lower East Side

State Senator Daniel Squadron is bringing his district office to the Lower East Side this month.  The “mobile office” days will be held a week from today (July 19th) at the corner of Grand and Clinton streets — and Thursday (July 28) at the intersection of Delancey and Norfolk streets. Staff members will be available to help deal with any government-related problems you might be having.  The hours on both days are 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

LES Film Festival Kicks Off Twenty Days of Films

The LES Film Festival Creative Team: Damon Cardasis, Shannon Walker, Roxy Hunt and Tony Castle, celebrating after opening night

The LES Film Festival kicked off 20 days of shorts and features made for under $30,000 last night at the intimate Grand Opening space on Norfolk Street.  If the evening’s lineup was any indication, audiences will be in for a treat during the next couple weeks at the festival; their selection of films is quite enchanting.