You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Flowers at the Essex Street Market

Scenes from Last Night’s Essex Street Market Tasting

News Flash: The Essex Street Market is Open For Business!

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about the Essex Street Market’s future.  Years from now, it’s moving to a new facility as part of the big Essex Crossing development project.  But some people seem to have gotten the mistaken impression that the place is already closed. Not so!

CB3 Asked For Feedback on SPURA Park, Fate of Essex Market Vendors Discussed

Here’s an update on the planning for Essex Crossing, the large residential and commercial project coming to the former Seward Park urban renewal area.

Community Board 3 Seeks Information From City Regarding Essex Market Vendors

This week we have been following the legal back and forth between the NYC Economic Development Corp.(EDC) and a longtime vendor at the Essex Street Market.  Last night, members of Community Board 3 briefly discussed the situation and the broader issue of protections for businesses at the market.

Followup: Essex Street Market Vendor Sues City, Alleging Discrimination

As we reported a couple of days ago, a longtime vendor in the Essex Street Market is fighting a decision from the city to force her from the retail facility.  This afternoon, there’s new information.

City Declines to Renew Permit For Longtime Essex Street Market Vendor

Lately, we’ve been talking about new arrivals at the Essex Street Market (bagels, ice cream and soup have been added to the retail mix).  But — pending legal proceedings — there’s also a noteworthy departure to report; a merchant who’s been part of the market for 23 years.

Essex Street Market Adds Vendors, Even as Relocation Plans Move Forward

The following story first appeared in the November 2013 edition of The Lo-Down’s print magazine.

Essex Street Market Bagels: Davidovich Bakery’s Grand Opening Today

The new team at Davidovich Bakery’s first retail bagel shop is all ready for today’s grand opening at the Essex Street Market.

Would-be Heir to H&H Bagel Empire Readies Essex Street Market Stall

It looks like Davidovich Bakery, a Queens company hoping to pick up where H&H Bagels left off, is coming to the Essex Street Market.

Pondering the Essex Street Market’s “Utopian Alchemy”

Today the New York Times files a “think piece” on the Essex Street Market, wondering whether any of its special spirit can be transferred to a shiny new facility that will be part of the “Essex Crossing” development project.

Coming Soon: Peasant Stock at the Essex Street Market

The Essex Street Market has cheese, chocolate, tacos, sushi, spinach pie and ice cream.  This fall it’s getting soup.

Luca & Bosco Ice Cream Coming to Essex Street Market

Here’s an inviting thought as we suffer through an early summer heat wave.  Ice cream is coming to the Essex Street Market!

My LES: Roni-Sue Kave

This feature spotlights a wide variety of people who live and work on the Lower East Side. This month, we are featuring Roni-Sue Kave, a very familiar face in the Essex Street Market.  This story originally appeared in the February 2013 version of our print magazine.


What do you do?

I own and operate Roni-Sue’s Chocolates in the historic Essex Street Market — i.e., I make candy for a living. Woo-hoo!

How long have you lived on the LES?

I opened Roni-Sue’s in October 2007, so I’ve been working down here for over five years. I just finally moved from East Harlem to the East Village in June, though, so at last I can walk to work.

A Brush With Baking Fame at the Essex Street Market

Dorie Greenspan at the Essex Street Market. Photo by Susan LaRosa.

Editor’s note: Susan LaRosa, Henry Street Settlement’s communications director, has a secret obsession.  Well, actually it’s not so secret.  She writes about it on her blog, “A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn,” and gets her share of media mentions.   Yesterday she headed over to the Essex Street Market to indulge her sweet tooth, and ended up meeting baked-goods royalty!   Today we’re re-posting the story:

Monday, just a few blocks from my Lower East Side office, I walked into the wonderful Essex Street Market and came face-to-face with one of my all-time pastry heroes — Dorie Greenspan. (Reason number 2,045 I’m glad I live in New York.) I didn’t have to wait on a long line or fight crowds to see her.  There she was, standing at the counter of her tiny new cookie shop, Beurre & Sel, opened with her son Josh and a business partner Daniel Seehoff. Dorie was charming and unassuming and even more lovely than I’d imagined.  (Ellen, my colleague who accompanied me to the market and whose mother is a huge Dorie fan, couldn’t get over the fact that this pastry legend was simply there, selling her cookies.)