Citi Bike Station Returns to Canal Street at Essex Street


Well, that was pretty quick. Last Thursday, Aug. 16, we noted that the Citi Bike station at Canal Street and Essex Street had been removed to accommodate roadway repairs. It’s now back in position across from Seward Park, and next to the East Broadway F Train station.

Citi Bike Unveils First 200 Pedal-Assist Bikes to Help Commuters Deal With L Train Shutdown

Photo: NYC DOT.

Photo: NYC DOT.

Citi Bike yesterday began rolling out the first batch of new pedal-assist electric bicycles meant to soften the blow of the looming L Train shutdown.

To start, there will be 200 electric bikes. When the L Train tunnel closes next spring, the electric bike fleet will increase to 1,000.

Right now, about 7,500 bicyclists use the Williamsburg Bridge daily. That number is expected to rise dramatically during the 15-month shutdown, even without the addition of the pedal-assist Citi Bikes.

According to a press release from the mayor’s office, Citi Bike will, “designate four conveniently-located pedal-assist docking stations — two in Williamsburg and two in lower Manhattan for their exclusive use.”

The new bikes will allow riders to travel at speeds up to 18 mph. On the Citi Bike app, you’ll be able to identify available electric bikes by looking for a lightning bolt logo. More details here.

City officials took the bikes for a spin over the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday.


Citi Bike Station at Canal and Rutgers Streets Removed


If you use the Citi Bike station at Canal and Rutgers streets (alongside Seward Park), you’ll want to make alternative plans.

Workers today carted it off, announcing on Twitter that the station would be off-line until further notice. The valet service is being moved to Allen and Hester streets. We’re checking to find out where the station will be moving, or if it’s going back in the same spot.

We’re told by Tim Laughlin at the Lower East Side Partnership that the station was temporarily removed so that the plaza at Canal Street can be resurfaced. ConEd dug up the asphalt while making repairs under the street. Last year, the Partnership outlined plans to create a full-fledged pedestrian plaza in this location. According to Laughlin, the plaza project will be back on track after the resurfacing is completed. Meanwhile, Citi Bike says, via Twitter, that the station will be returned to the same location after the resurfacing is completed.

Citi Bike Station at Canal and Rutgers Street Will Be Temporarily Removed Today

starus square may 2017

Here’s a service alert from Citi Bike. The station at Canal and Rutgers Street will be temporarily removed today.

As previously reported, the station is being taken off line in preparation for the resurfacing of Straus Square. The city’s Department of Transportation is turning the area into a pedestrian plaza. You can read more about that here.

The station, according o Citi Bike, will be out of service for about a month. It will either be re-installed in the same location of at another nearby location.

Good Morning!

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Citi Bike Stations on Grand and Montgomery Streets Removed For Road Work

City Still Plans to Restore Citi Bike Station at Grand & Henry Streets

In recent days, we’ve been fielding a number of emails from people concerned that a Citi Bike station at Grand and Henry is being permanently eliminated.  But the station, we are told, is coming back.

Citi Bike Feedback Session: Requests for More Service, and Concerns

Business owners and local residents turned out to tell a subcommittee of Community Board 3 and the Department of Transporation’s Colleen Chattergoon what they think about the month-old Citi Bike share program.

Tonight is Your Chance to Comment on Citi Bike

Suffolk and Stanton streets. Photo by Mike Brown.

Suffolk and Stanton streets. Photo by Mike Brown.

Here’s a reminder for those readers who have something to say about Citi Bike’s presence in the neighborhood. Community Board 3’s subcommittee that deals with transportation and public safety issues will listen to concerns about the new bike sharing program at its meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. at I.S. 131, 100 Hester St. Read our previous coverage here.

Lower East Sideways


From our cartoonist Evan Forsch, from our July/August print edition.


Summer of the Citi Bike: Lower East Side Edition

Our July/August print magazine cover story focuses on New York’s wildly popular — and controversial — bike share program.

After Seeing Citi Bike/Fire Hydrant Photo, DOT Swings Into Action

Madison Street, near Gouverneur Street.

Madison Street, near Gouverneur Street’ this morning.

That was fast. The city moved swiftly yesterday, adjusting a Citi Bike station placed in front a fire hydrant.

Citi Bike Station: Fire Hazard?

Madison Street near Montgomery.

Madison Street near Montgomery.

TLD reader William sent along this photo from Madison Street, just east of Montgomery, where a new Citi Bike station popped up in the last couple of days, replacing another station that was located just a few steps away on Gouverneur Street.  He points out that the docks were placed right in front of a fire hydrant.  “If these were cars, there would be (parking) tickets all over,” he wrote.

Citi Bike Station Near Frank’s Bike Shop is Removed

Earlier today, a controversial Citi Bike station at Grand and Henry streets was removed by the Department of Transportation.

Complaints Surface Regarding Elizabeth Street Citi Bike Station

Citi Bikes at Hester And Elizabeth St. Station

The city’s Department of Transportation says Citi Bike is “pedaling past ridership records,” racking up more than 250,000 total trips in its first three weeks. Local elected officials and Community Board 3 report relatively few complaints in the early going, but one station in Chinatown is causing concern.  Several store owners have voiced their disapproval of the station on Elizabeth Street, between Hester and Canal.