Campaign For District 1: City Council Endorsements, Campaign Cash Update

Christopher Marte announces his candidacy April 29 in front of Rivington House.

Christopher Marte announces his candidacy April 29 in front of Rivington House.

The Democratic Primary for New York City Council elections is less than four months away. It’s been awhile since we updated the campaign for the Council seat in District 1, so here’s the latest.

Incumbent Margaret Chin is running for a third term representing Lower Manhattan, including the Lower East Side. She faces three challengers. Just last night, Downtown Independent Democrats (DID), a political club, chose to back one of her opponents, lifelong LES resident Christopher Marte. The vote was widely expected from a club that has been at odds with Chin over issues such as NYU’s expansion plan for many years.

Marte also received the endorsement of Village Independent Democrats, while Chin has been backed by the Truman Democratic Club (centered on and around Grand Street) and United Democratic Organization, which is based in Chinatown. Chin won the support of CoDA, as well, a club based in the East Village. The Lower East Side Democratic Club, which covers developments such as Knickerbocker Village and the Alfred E. Smith Houses, has yet to make an endorsement decision. Longtime club leader John Quinn told us today that members are split, although he expects the majority of the club to support Chin.

There was a recent campaign finance filing deadline. According to the Campaign Finance Board, Chin has raised $97,336 with $71,544 in her account. Marte has raised $69,324 with $56,519 in hand. Aaron Foldenauer has brought in $21,942 with a balance of $9.627. Dashia Imperiale, who only recently joined the race, has raised $12,347. During the last reporting period in March, Marte had more than Chin in the bank, but she has now rebounded.

The candidates will be taking part in more candidate forums as election day approaches. At a recent question and answer event in Tribeca, Chin came under assault from all of her challengers over a range of issues, including her support for building affordable senior housing on the site of the Elizabeth Street Garden.

More to come as the summer political season heats up.

A forum was held in Tribeca earlier in the month.

A forum was held in Tribeca earlier in the month.

District 1 Council Candidates File Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements

(L-R) Margaret Chin, Christopher Marte, Aaron Foldenauer.

(L-R) Margaret Chin, Christopher Marte, Aaron Foldenauer.

There was a filing deadline this week for candidates participating in this year’s city elections, which means we have a few more clues about the shape of the upcoming City Council race in District 1.

City Council member Margaret Chin is going for a third term, representing the Lower East Side, Chinatown and the rest of Lower Manhattan. She has two challengers, Christopher Marte and Aaron Foldenauer.

According to the latest report, Chin has raised $52,376 and has a campaign balance of about $35,000.

Marte collected $50,489 and now has $46,000 in his account.

Foldenauer has raised $18,083 and has around $10,000 on hand.

The spending cap for City Council campaigns is $182,000. The city offers a six-to-one match for the first $175 in donations from local residents. The system is meant to encourage small donations. Marte is a community activist who grew up in the area around Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Foldenauer is an attorney. The Democratic Primary takes place in September.

Marte’s supporters say they’re impressed by his ability to raise a significant amount of money to take on a sitting Council member. At it stands today, he’s got more in the bank. On the other hand, Chin has huge built-in advantages as an incumbent. Past opponents have raised a lot of money and still failed to unseat her.

See below for the top 10 contributions to each campaign. We’ll have a story about the District 2 Council race next week.


Margaret Chin

  1. Rosie Mendez (District 2 Council member) $2000
  2. Chen Lieh Tang (Hwa Yuan Restaurant) $2000
  3. Kin Yip-Yu (Kinyu Realty) $1000
  4. Leter Z. Li (PL Electrical Corp.) $1000
  5. Yan Na Luo (Chase Global Realty) $1000
  6. David Louie (Insurance agent) $1000
  7. Mark Levine 2017 (District 7 Council member) $1000
  8. Jason Chen (Self-employed/construction) $1000
  9. Margaret Chin $500
  10. Alan Tung (candidate’s husband) $500

Christopher Marte

  1. Kate Gallo (Self-employed/Seattle) $2750
  2. Pradeep Baliga (Jane Street Group Finance) $2750
  3. Dodge Landesman (Unemployed/local political activist) $2000
  4. Margaret Lee (Gallery owner) $1000
  5. Adam Woodward (Photo researcher/Bowery preservationist) $1000
  6. Coss Marte (Conbody/candidate’s brother) $1000
  7. Jeannine Kiely (Community Board 2 member) $1000
  8. Joseph Reiver (Educational Light teacher) $1000
  9. Carolina Marte (BAML Banker/London) $1000
  10. Coss Marte (Conbody/candidate’s brother) $700

Aaron Foldenauer

  1. Alice Chen (Physician) $2750
  2. Robin Fessel (Not employed) $1000
  3. Nobuko Neuwirth (Attorney) $1000
  4. William Monahan (Attorney) $1000
  5. Edward Park (Sirius Global Services) $1000
  6. William Snipes (Sullivan & Cromwell LLP) $1000
  7. Colin Cabral (Proskauer Rose LLP/Los Angeles) $750
  8. Bing Ni (Tower Research Capital) $700
  9. Jeff Baich (Lattice FMC/Austin, TX) $500
  10. Frederic Rich (Attorney) $500