Din Yates of Cheeky Sandwiches Runs and Cycles to New Orleans

Din Yates, owner of Cheeky Sandwiches. Photo by thelodownny.com.

Anyone who hangs out at Cheeky Sandwiches, 35 Orchard Street, knows that proprietor Din Yates is a little quirky and a bit of a free spirit.  Case in point: a cross-country journey he began one week ago.  Din, you see, set out to run the 1300 miles between New York and New Orleans, his hometown.

Hester Street Fair Profile: Cheeky Sandwiches

Din Yates, owner of Cheeky Sandwiches. Photo by thelodownny.com.

As you no doubt are aware by now, the second season of the Hester Street Fair is upon us. The gates will swing open Saturday morning, revealing dozens of food, vintage and craft offerings. This year, we’ll be featuring a different Hester Street vendor each week, a Lower East Side-centric  participant in the fledgling community event. Today, we get things started with Cheeky Sandwiches, the quirky New Orleans inspired spot at 35 Orchard Street.

One thing you can say for sure about proprietor Din Yates: he’s always thinking.  When I stopped by Monday afternoon, he was still figuring out how to design a portable convection oven using a metal box, silver electric tape and a blow dryer. He will no doubt have figured it out by the time the weekend rolls around, when fair-goers start clamoring for those roast beef po’ boys Cheeky’s will be serving.

The LES’ Most Addictive Sandwiches FREE Today!

A few minutes ago I ran into Din Yates, the very friendly owner of Cheeky Sandwiches, 35 Orchard Street. He had some good news to brighten this gray winter day. To celebrate the shop’s first anniversary, he’ll be giving away those delicious New Orleans-style sandwiches all day long (or at least while supplies last).

Din makes just eight types of sandwiches, including: fried chicken with coleslaw on a buttermilk biscuit, pork with caramelized apples and onions on challah and and oyster and shrimp po’ boys. Din has gotten a ton of great reviews during his first year in business and attracted a big following in the neighborhood.

He’s the first to admit you probably shouldn’t eat at Cheeky’s every day (these sandwiches are not exactly health food). But we can all make an exception tomorrow today. By the way, Cheeky’s is one of 180 or restaurants listed in our restaurant guide. If you’ve eaten there, let us know what you thought.