Campaign to Reactivate Stanton Street Park Building Resumes Today

File photo. Stanton Street park building.

File photo. Stanton Street park building.

Over the years, we’ve reported on efforts by community activists to reactivate a Parks Department building on Stanton Street in Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Their vision: Turn the neglected structure into a vibrant community resource. Starting today, they’re stepping up the campaign with a series of summer events. Here’s more from the Stanton Building Task Force:

In 1998, residents were promised their community space would soon be returned. Instead, it’s used for storage and in poor condition, which attracts other misuse of the Park as well as trucks coming and going in an area where children play and bicyclists ride. This coastal community needs a space to generate relationships and resiliency. Located one block south of Houston Street and a block east of the Bowery in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, the Stanton Building could be an important anchor to the community and a gateway to Sara D Roosevelt Park. As one of the few public buildings located outside all the flood zones below Houston, it could function well as a refuge in times of disruption. It is in the heart of a community that is being priced out of financially viable democratic spaces.

The first event takes place this afternoon from 3-6 p.m. You can find out more information here or check out the flyer posted below.